I hate to ask such dumb question but here it goes....

  • I have a twitter account that matches my forum address. And I have an active developer account on twitter. When I go to create an app (because it says I need an app to get an api key) that is where I get confused.

    Do you have a simple way to explain what I need to do next in order for my forum post to appear in my twitter feed.

  • Hello,

    maybe the following short instruction will help you:

    1. Go to this site https://developer.twitter.com/en/apps and click on Create an app
    2. Fill in all required fields
    3. When you are in the details of the app, click on Keys and tokens in the app navigation
    4. In the section Consumer API keys copy the API key" and the [tt]API secret key into the settings of the extension

    Then everything should work