makeTheBotOnline 0.1.0

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A little scirpt to get your discord bot online.

The whole bot is written in Python and uses by Rapptz. The terminal multiplexer tmux is also used.


  • Checks if all required packages are installed and asks if they should be installed.
  • Installs all Python packages via pip
  • Starts/Stops/Restarts a tmux session in which the bot is running.
  • Configuration via config.ini file
  • Discord indicates that the bot is playing a game.


  1. Download archive and upload to server
  2. Extract archive tar xf makeTheBotOnline.tar (will be extracted to the current directory)
  3. Perform configuration
    1. Open configuration file nano config.ini
    2. Under the section "Bot" enter the bottoken at "token" and if applicable the game to be played under "game_name"
  4. Run bot ./ start


./ start Starts the bot

./ stop Stop the bot

./ restart Restarts the bot

Default configuration

Code: Default configuration
token = TOKEN
game_name =
  • Version 0.1.0

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