Education & Experience

University of Applied Sciences

Since 01.September.2018

Course of studies: B. Sc. Computer Science

College: FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences

01.September.2017 - 31.August.2018

Course of studies: B. Eng. Electrical Engineering

College: FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences


Since 15.January.2018

Position: Project Manager in the Finance Department

Employer: AStA FH Aachen


01.August.2015 - 31.July.2016

Reason: Internship for the advanced technical college entrance qualification

Employer: RWTH Aachen University

24.March.2014 - 11.April.2014

Reason: School internship

Employer: RWTH Aachen University


11.August.2015 - 28.June.2017

Graduation: Advanced technical college certificate

Specialized secondary school: Mies-van-der-Rohe-Schule

17.August.2009 - 12.June.2015

Reason: Entrance qualification for a technical secondary school

Secondary school: Realschule Kohlscheid

22.August.2005 - 01.July.2009

Primary school: Städtische Gemeinschaftsgrundschule Herzogenrath-Kohlscheid Mitte