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Hello and welcome to my little page,

my name is Titus, but you probably already know that. With this first little announcement I want to tell you what you can expect here in the near future.

First and foremost it will be about me and my lifestyle, which is why a blog should not be missing. Here I will try out a lot in irregular intervals, because I am still uncertain myself how to lead him exactly. Furthermore, my products (WSC extensions, Discord Bots, etc.) will be available for download in the filebase and those who want to see information about future releases can also do so on the site. The products also include tutorials, which you will find directly in the lexicon in the future.

For a better exchange in the community there is a forum and a discord server and if you want to be at the top I recommend to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

See you soon

Titus Kirch

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TitusK Administrator

My name is Titus Kirch, I am 20 years old and study computer science at the FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences. I am the operator of the site TKirch.dev, hobby developer and blogger. For more information visit the page about me.

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