As you may have noticed, not every page is currently available in English. I am currently working on a complete translation, but it will take some time until it is finished. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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as some of you may have noticed, there has been maintenance work on the website throughout today. In this article I would like to discuss the most important changes.

The biggest change is probably the appearance of the website. I decided to buy a style from a third party and use it for my site now. In addition, the start page is no longer the news page, but an own, nicely prepared page around the project.

With the new design there was also a restructuring of the forums, the filebase and the lexicon. In general, only the categories have adapted and have been standardized everywhere (so that everyone can find his way better here).

Another change concerning the lexicon is that now members with at least 50 activity points can create entries here and thus create a knowledge base for other members. Activity points are available for the following activities:

  • Received Likes 1 point
  • Contributions 5 points (Only answers, no start contributions)
  • Topics 10 points
  • Files 20 points
  • Encyclopedia entries 50 points

In addition, the Discord was also slightly adapted to the new page structure. On this page we also asked what the " App" looks like. It is currently being planned, but it will take some time before it will be available for the first testers.

Let's then come to something not so pleasing. I have stopped the development of Footer Copyright. Maybe something will change later, but there won't be any new features or bug fixes at the moment.

If you find any bugs or ideas for the site, just share them in the feedback forum. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

Best regards

Titus Kirch

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My name is Titus Kirch, I am 20 years old and study computer science at the FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences. I am the operator of the site, hobby developer and blogger. For more information visit the page about me.

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